Wines and Wine Tasting

How it works

Whether you are a wine beginner or a true connoisseur, Tasting Pleasures caters to your needs. Call or email. We'll chat and design your perfect wine event.      

It's that simple. 

Private Tasting

Whether you are new to the world of wines or are an aficionado, you decide the theme, location and guests list. We deliver.

Educational Wine Programs

Attract and retain memberships.  

Offer an exciting wine program to the members of your community group or wine club.  Focus on a theme - perhaps specific countries, grapes or styles. We will design a wine program for you to be presented in a single or a series of sessions.

Corporate and Business Wine Events

Business owners and executives can count on Tasting Pleasures to make them stand out from the crowd, impress staff and clients alike. Describe your goals to us and we will design an event that meets or exceed your expectations.  Think of the possibilities: 

  • A gourmet meal with a private Chef and Sommelier
  • A staff holiday party with a wine twist
  • A tasting event at your next Annual General Meeting
  • A staff retreat or team building (consider a "blind tasting event")
  • A staff educational program: Wine and food pairing. Promote cross cultural etiquette and understanding.
  • Official opening with Pizzazz's

Wine & Art are Perfect Sibling

Make us to your art gallery opening.  We can also become your pre or post concert event. Attract new audience members with us as part of your annual programming.

Whimsical Wine Events

For people who think outside the box. Call it extreme wine Tasting.

  • ​Wine tasting on the mountain top - hike and savour wines at the top of the world and close to the wine gods.
  • Wine shopping with a Sommelier - taste the wine and learn how to buy the right bottle for your needs.
  • Wine groupings; tasting by year and regions ("horizontal" tasting), tasting by vintage and label ("vertical" tasting)
  • Blind tasting
  • The perfect "stag" or birthday present


Fundraising is a challenging.  Competition from other worthy causes for limited resources requires new ideas - to bring new donors and keep current ones. We can work with you to create exciting fundraising wine events. 


Tasting Pleasures strive to offer you quality service and best value.   

Each wine event is valued on research, preparation time, professional support and wine selection. During our initial meeting we will determine the scope of your event and create a program that works for you and your budget.  

Events Sample

June 22nd - Sense of Place, Sense of Taste
Les Rendez-Vous Vin at the Alliance Française de Calgary
                 February 7th -  Great Taste - Great Deal
                 March 7th - Canadian Wines
                 April - 4  Vin bio et biodynamique
                 May - 2 Little Known Grapes
​​February 28th - A Taste of Bragg​ Creek
March 20th - BCCA Women & Wines
April 11 -  Organic & Biodynamic Wines at the Heart of Bragg Creek ​